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Ice Cold Gold Concentrates

Ice Cold Gold Concentrates

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The ICE COLD GOLD paydirt jar consists of 1/2 L.B. of Nome beach sands that where recovered under the snow and ice during the winter months. This gold paydirt is extremely rich with fine gold, small flakes and small pickers.


This 1/2 L.B. jar of ICE COLD GOLD consists of heavy garnet and black sands which are exclusive to the beaches of Nome, Alaska. PayDirt was taken from the same spot shown in the video below. I then took the material home and concentrated it through a recirculting sluice box. May contain small amounts of lead and small metal particles that are natural on the beaches of Nome.

Most gold found in this material is fine gold and small flakes due to being beach gold and having been pulverized by the ocean for hundreds of years! However, there is an occasional small "picker" that pops up in this material.